Hi! I'm Dr. Kev, and this is my story!

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(Consolidated version ranging from age 7 to age 32)

By license, I am a Doctor of Chiropractic. By spirit, I’m a whole lot more than just that, but for starters, it would be nice to introduce myself, and tell you my story thus far.

The writing on the wall that I wanted to become a healer was first documented (by me) at a young age… Age 7, to be exact, was the earliest indication in the archives of my childhood. I can’t remember if it was every month or every week, but there would be a highlight of a student in the class on the big bulletin board. When I was the highlighted student, I had to answer questions about myself, one of which asked “tell us why you are a special friend”. I answered: “I like to help people when they get hert” (I’ve since learned the proper spelling of the word, haha!).

When I entered high school, our high school athletic trainer introduced himself to the freshman soccer team which I was on. He announced that he was the person for anyone to go to when they are injured. That captured my attention. For the rest of my time in high school, on top of my academics and extracurriculars as a 3-sport varsity athlete, I would spend my time after practices doing homework in the athletic training room. There, I would try to balance the necessary studying, but would love the frequent distraction of watching Mr. Z help .

My journey at Springfield College (Springfield, MA) in the athletic training program exposed me to the chiropractic profession, which fascinated me, and inspired me to pursue a career as a chiropractor. Something about how good people felt leaving a provider who used only their hands was captivating.

I graduated from Springfield College in May of 2012, and moved to California to start at Palmer College in October that same year. My time there looked like this:

  • School all day and afternoon.

  • Work as an athletic trainer on Friday nights.

  • Study every weeknight.

  • If I wasn’t taking a seminar on the weekends, I was either studying or working.

My grind paid off, I would eventually find myself working the sidelines of collegiate and professional sporting events for weeks at a time, and teaching NFL chiropractors how to adjust extremities (while still a student). I’ll talk more about my mentors in another post.

Since graduating from Palmer College in 2016, I’ve worked in the offices around the country of doctors that work with professional sports teams, just to end up frustrated and unsatisfied. I’ve learned that I am quite good at helping people feel great immediately after treatment. However, the way I was treating people eventually felt redundant. Iit didn’t feel like people were *truly* healing. Something within me was calling to learn more than just treating neurologic, muscular, and skeletal complaints. Trying to learn creative methods that fall within the conventional path of westernized chiropractic care was no longer appealing to me.

At points along my journey, I had heard of people practicing in esoteric ways, healing people from so-called “incurable” diseases. I had met one of the doctors practicing in such an extraordinary way, who produced what people consider “miracles” on a more common basis. But then, in 2018, a good friend of mine was running out of options. He had a growing health issue that took him from being able to run one of the fastest 14 mile obstacle races in the country, to being unable to exercise or eat anything more than green smoothies and sweet potato. I referred him to the doctor I mentioned, who ended up turning his life around, giving him hope and direction- something that even the best western medicine experts at Johns Hopkins didn’t have answers for.

What was the answer?

Body, Mind, and Spirit.

From that point on, it has been a constant journey of me learning, reading, and implementing these extraordinary ways of healing physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is the start of me journaling such a journey of mine.

I plan to share thoughts from the books I read, the clinical pearls that I discover, and techniques that I learn. The least I can hope for is that anyone who reads what I have to say will start to develop a new way of thinking about their health and wellbeing.

My ultimate goal is to rekindle hope in those who need it. If you feel like you’re running out of options, and western medicine is not working for you, I am on a quest for answers for you. As I continue to figure out what seems more like the truth, I will continue to share.

This is the way,

Dr. Kev

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