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What is muscle testing?

Well, I’ll start by asking: Wouldn’t it be great if the greatest doctor in the world were able to tell you exactly what’s wrong?

** You answer “Heck yes!” **

Well, you’re in luck, because the greatest doctor in the world is with you- it’s your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind knows everything that has happened to you, and knows exactly what is happening in every area of your body.

What muscle testing does: it tests the subconscious mind, asking for indicators of a negative physiologic response to different frequencies. When the frequency is good for the person, the muscle will remain strong. When the frequency is unhealthy for the person, the muscle will show weakness. For example, if I tested the arm of a person holding artificial sweetener, the arm will go weak because the body does not respond well to it.

We're just checking for subtle shifts, and something bad for the body will cause that arm to drop. (I typically test the right or left arm)

It would bring a lifetime of joy to be able to start incorporating muscle testing on each of you, if you feel ready for it.

My mentor Dr. Ken Davis has guided me to where I am on my current path. The most significant thing I have learned from him was the importance of finding perfect balance of body, mind, and spirit in every individual. No matter what other techniques I incorporate, it will always come back to balancing the triune model of health within, and restoring balance. The next most significant thing I learned was how to muscle test to determine which angle of the triune is causing distortion of the others. As we know, when one angle of a triangle changes, the other angles must change as well. Everything I do, every technique that I learn is intended to peel layers of maladaptations away, and bring the person back to balance in body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Davis began teaching me some of the concepts of scoring the body’s frequency, introducing me to a technique called Contact Reflex Analysis. As some of you know, I spent the weekend of March 26, 2022 in Chicago, IL, where I learned CRA formally. What an amazing assessment technique! What’s so powerful about CRA is that it unravels the story of your body, making sense of the progressions of disease or injury, and helps me provide my patients a clear path of what they need, how much they need, and how long they need it for.

Whether it be spinal/extremity manipulation, supplementation, essential oils, sympathetic resonance technology, harmonics, natural force healing, or any of the other techniques I offer, it will always be at the request of what the subconscious is asking for.

Confession: Admittedly, I had a hard time wrapping my head around muscle testing at first, and it took even longer for me to warm up to the idea of using it myself. As an athletic trainer, I was scared of what my athletic training colleagues would think of this method, let alone using it to determine visceral organ dysfunction (a lot of athletic trainers do not like chiropractors- as it has been said to my face before). During my years at Palmer College and my first few years in practice, I was proclaimed as a sports chiropractor by myself and others. I was trying so hard to help athletic trainers warm up to a trustworthy chiropractor, helping them learn some of the most advanced extremity manipulations that fall within their scope of practice. I've come to the realization that I can’t let my fear of others’ thoughts get in the way of what I see as the truth anymore. The more I’ve learned about muscle testing as a tool for diagnosis, the more I wish I was exposed to it sooner, and the more I wish to use it on everybody I see!


******Muscle Testing is NOT:******

  • The muscle testing that I use is not for determining the amount of strength in this case.

  • The muscle testing that I use is not meant to diagnose specific diseases, ie cancer, or other life threatening conditions. This should not be used by anyone besides clinicians with advanced training after ruling out serious diseases/conditions. For those with serious conditions seeking this style of care, please make sure that your condition is stable.

Here are a couple sweet excerpts from “Power vs. Force” by David R Hawkins that I enjoyed:

In 1971, three physiotherapists published a definitive study on muscle testing. Dr. George Goodheart had studied muscle testing techniques extensively in his clinical practice and made the breakthrough discovery that the strength or weakness of every muscle was connected to the health or pathology of a corresponding body organ. He further determined that each individual muscle was associated with an acupuncture meridian and correlated his work with that of the physician Felix Mann on the medical significance of the acupuncture meridians. (Hawkins, 1995).

Hawkins then describes an event where an audience of 1,000 people were tested: 500 envelopes containing artificial sweetener would be passed out to the audience, along with 500 identical envelopes containing organic vitamin C. The audience would then be divided up and would alternate testing each other. When the envelopes were opened, they saw that everybody had gone weak in response to artificial sweetener and strong in response to the organic vitamin C.

There have been many double-blinded studies performed where muscle testing showed to have incredible accuracy of determining positive and negative stimuli.

This is the way,

Dr. Kev

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