A blend of several chiropractic techniques that fit the your needs and preferences, safe for all ages no matter what your health history includes. 

Visceral Manipulation

Dr. Kev is trained in what is also known as "Soft Tissue Orthopedics" and "Bloodless Surgery" from the teachings of Dr. DeJarnette and Dr. ML Rees.



Energetic Nutritional Assessment Technique addresses the 5 Pillars of Nutritional Health, determining the nutritional needs of your body, developed by mentor Dr. Ken Davis. 

Contact Reflex Analysis

A method of testing and assessing the body's energy pathways to address imbalances and what the body needs to recover.  

Neuro-Emotional Technique

NET is a way of finding & removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress patterns. 

Applied Kinesiology

"AK" is a method of muscle testing that reveals the body's physiological responses to the stresses of trauma, toxins and thoughts. 


Natural Force Healing

Advanced energetic work developed by Dr. Kev's incredible mentor Dr. Ken Davis and his wife/mystic Lisa Davis: co-authors of "Climbing Mountains". 

Extremity Manipulation

Dr. Kev trained intensely under his mentor Dr. Dan McClure, who is considered among the best "adjusters" in the world for his advanced extremity techniques.

Natural force harmonic therapy

NFHT attempts to modify an “out of tune” vibration to an “in tune” vibration, thus changing the vibration of disease in specific tissues to a healthy vibration.